Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Unique shape and color of flowers are conspicuous among the green blades of the leaves, is the main attraction bromelia. Color of leaves and brilliant flowers almost in all seasons. Bromelia flowers can last from one to three months. The average one has 40 pieces of bromelia leaves the curved edges. In some species the leaves are jagged, whereas in other species of soft, without serrations.
Bromelia grown in single pots, can also be arranged to form colonies. In general, colonies are placed at the edge bromelia path or point of interest made in the middle of the park. These plants are generally developed with seed or seedling.
Including family Bromelia Bromeliaceae. He came from Argentina and Brazil. Latin Americans know bromelia as medicinal plants, namely as de-worming. Plants are still a family with pineapple is rich of calcium and vitamin C. Bromelia leaves can also mengempukkan meat.
Bromelia name taken from the name of a Swedish botanist, Olof Ole Bromell. The total number of species in the world to reach teens, but in Indonesia, the kind most popular bromelia orange blossom (Bromelia alta, B. flemingii, B. humilis, B. scarlatina, and B. serra) or red (Bromelia alsodes, B. antiacan, goyazensis B., and B. hieronymii). Yellow Bromelia (Bromelia chrysantha, B. goeldiana, and B. palmeri), purple (Bromelia horstii and B. Karata┼č), and there are pink, but the numbers a bit.
Bromelia not too fussy, in a sense not need watering too often and stand planted in the lowlands. Watering should be tailored to the medium conditions, do not be stuck with the routine. Siramlah when the medium was seen to dry. Remember, that the conditions must be different media between the hot weather, overcast, and rain. In addition, the most hated bromelia dry environment. In the armpit leaves should always be a pool of water.
Fertilization bromelia not too difficult. If you use slow-release fertilizer is conducted every three months. NPK fertilizer can also be used but this type of fertilizer is easy to absorb. So the frequency of fertilization should be more frequent.
In order for your bromelia and diligent fresh and colorful exhibit flower, should not be planted in the ground. Use a medium shredded coconut fiber or ferns. In addition, bromelia should be placed in the open, but not exposed to direct sun. To have good results "cage" Bromelia be covered with netting or cover paranet

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